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Jumpstart Your Political Campaign with These Top 5 Print Materials

Everyone knows that an important part of a successful campaign is how well you and your message reach your audience. Promoting your values and what you stand for helps build connections within your community and gives you a chance to show people your drive and passion for what you are doing. However, if you can’t reach the correct audience, how will they know how much you want to help them? Digital promotion is crucial to spreading your message, but it is important not to forget print materials too. These can still play a big role in increasing your reach and making your political campaign successful. Print is still very relevant, and MPrint and Sign wants you to reach as many people as possible. To do that, here are 5 materials to boost your message for your political campaign.

1. Palm Cards and Business Cards:

These products are simple yet sometimes overlooked. Palm cards and business cards are small and convenient enough to carry when meeting people at campaign stops, meetings, or general outings.  Business cards are more personal and something people are more likely to hold on to, especially if they feel welcomed enough to contact you. Larger cards are also an option if you have more information you want to convey on your printed materials. It is important to have a clean, unique, and easy to read design to entice voters to hold on to your information for later.

Political campaign printed door hanger

2. Door Hangers:

It is almost impossible for people to ignore your campaign message with it hanging on their front door. These come in various sizes and colors and is an easy way for people to become aware of your name. Door hangers also provide enough space to share more about you and what you aim to accomplish, just remember the shorter the better though! 

3. Yard Signs and Banners:

The next printed promotional item for your campaign is a yard sign or large banner. These are a great, cost-effective tool for local advertising. They are also an easy method for reaching your actual audience within the community. Placing them in high-traffic areas provides a method of reach that is also geographic-specific. for instance, if you wanted to gain more reach in a specific neighborhood, yard signs would be an easy solution. Additionally, repetition is key in advertising, so the more people see your signs the more likely they are to recall you and your message. 

 4. Direct Mail, Postcards, and More: 

Direct mail campaigns are another easy and cost-effective way to reach voters. While it is true that not all voters read their mail, typically everyone looks through long enough to see the name of the sender. Either way, it builds awareness for you and your campaign. Another reason direct mail is a good print material for your political campaign is it is recognized as a creditable source. In a survey by the United States Postal Service, it was found that 68% of surveyed participants ranked direct mail among the top three most creditable forms of political outreach. Not only does MPrint and Sign do direct mail, but they also provide EDDM and presort mailing services, to help with all your needs. 

5. Additional Promotional Items: 

The last campaign material is promotional items. Everyone loves the word ‘free’, especially when it’s everyday items they can use. These products, such as pens, keychains, cups, etc. can all be done by MPrint and are more likely to be kept by your audience. It was also found that 89% of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they’d received in the last two years. People are also less likely to throw away promotional products as opposed to printed handouts. Having a voter keep and continuously use a product with your name on it can build a positive association with it. Typically, promotional items also encourage a higher level of recall later on.


Trust a Local Professional for All Your Print Needs!

Your local campaign will start off on the right foot when you work with local professionals for all your campaign needs. Your message is important, it is the foundation of your campaign. Make sure you reach as many people as possible with quality print materials that represent you in a professional manner. Whether it’s a simple business card or a pen with your name on it, share who you are and what you stand for with M Print’s printing services. We provide a wide range of printing services in Newton and surrounding areas. Ready to start your political campaign? Click below to find your perfect printing materials!